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Welcome to The Pika Club! A community filled with fun and friendly people. We offer trading, battles, fun filled forum games and we even have an adoption and rescue center
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 Arcanine's Adopts Announcement

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PostSubject: Arcanine's Adopts Announcement   Arcanine's Adopts Announcement Icon_minitimeThu Dec 21, 2017 10:56 am

As you may have noticed, Arcanine's Adoption Center has been closed. 

We will be opening at the top of 2018.

We have been working through the games of Pokemon ORAS to Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon to find unwanted pokemon who have been tossed away.

Many have been found which means the adoption will rise from 1 pokemon a day to 2-3 a day.

Regular Adopts
This will open at the top of 2018 and will be filled with many different pokemon. Everything from Rattata to Kommo-o. All gens will be involved, along with all gems. Pokemon will be available for ORAS, XY, SUMO, and USUM.

Shiny Adopts
The Shiny Adopts Center will open at the top of 2018 and will feature many different shiny pokemon from all gens 1-7

Legendary Adopts

This part of the center will stay closed for the time being 

So keep watch of the Adoption Section of the forum. 

Entei Out!!

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Arcanine's Adopts Announcement Arcanine
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Arcanine's Adopts Announcement
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