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 RP Rules *Must Read*

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PostSubject: RP Rules *Must Read*   RP Rules *Must Read* Icon_minitimeFri Aug 12, 2016 11:44 am

These rules must be followed. These rules also apply for the Non Pokemon Rp Section

Violence Rules

Violence is common in role-plays, as most characters get into a fight sooner or later. However, like the rest of Chicken Smoothie we want all content to be safe for children to view. Fight scenes may not be overly violent, graphic, disturbing or gruesome.

  • There should not be descriptions of excessive blood/gore or serious bodily injuries.
  • There should not be descriptions of sadistic violence where a character takes pleasure in the victim's suffering, whether described by the aggressor, victim or onlooker.
  • Sexual violence of any kind is never acceptable to roleplay or imply, whether described by the aggressor or the victim. This includes any mention of "forced mating".

Ongoing and unprovoked abuse is not an appropriate roleplay topic for CS, and will not tolerated.
A character may not be physically abused without any explanation/provocation, nor can there be a relationship between two characters that is purely centered around an 'abuser' and an 'abused'. This includes "slave/master" relationships where one character repeatedly abuses the other.

Characters MAY:

  • get into minor fights and scraps that do not end in very bloody/gory scenes, such as scratching/kicking/biting and then walking away with only minor bruises and scratches.
  • have implied (PG) violence in their character history, as long the mention and description of it is not overly detailed and inappropriate. Implying a history of sexual abuse or forced mating is NEVER ALLOWED.
  • get into implied violence "off-screen" that is not described in an inappropriate or detailed manner.
  • suffer death or serious injury as a result of a fight/attack, as long as it is not described in gruesome detail during the fight or in recovery (e.g. a character may go to vet to be treated for broken bones, or may lick its wounds, but without gruesome descriptions of their injuries or how they happened.)

Characters MAY NOT:

  • Get into scenes which describe actions and details to a level that would be inappropriate for children and sensitive users to read. This includes overly descriptive or graphic scenes involving excessive blood, gore, serious injury, and death.

Animal "Romance", Pregnancy and Mating rules

Roleplay content must be child-friendly at all times. This includes content in private messages and invite-only or 1-on-1 roleplays.

Mature roleplayers who want to roleplay descriptive romantic and sexual scenes may find our rules too strict. If that's the case, then you must find another website to roleplay on. We will not tolerate rule-breaking here no matter how old you are or how willing your roleplay partners are. Users who break these rules may get board warnings, lose posting abilities in the roleplay boards, lose the ability to send PMs, or may be permanently banned from CS depending on the severity of their behavior. You can be banned instantly without any prior warning if you are found to be involved in descriptive sexual roleplaying.

Animal Characters MAY:

  • Lick or nuzzle each other affectionately
  • Be described as having mated with another animal to become pregnant - without any further description of the mating process
  • Be pregnant and give birth - but the birthing scene should not be described in any great detail
  • "Go somewhere quiet to be alone for a while" without any further description or implication about what they're up to, i.e., a 'time-skip' or 'fade to black'

Characters MAY NOT:

  • Roleplay or mention "forced mating" or unwanted mating in any sense, as either the victim or the aggressor, under any circumstances.
  • Mention or imply that they were mated or will be mated without their consent
  • Characters may not have gruesome or descriptive mating or birthing scenes

Roleplaying in PMs:
All of our rules apply to all areas of the forum, including PMs. People found to be breaking the roleplay rules in their private messages will be subject to the same punishments as those who break these rules in the roleplay boards. Do NOT ask players to take romance scenes to PM if you're intending to take them further than kissing.

Other Banned Themes

We have some extra rules against certain themes which we don't believe are appropriate for roleplaying on Chicken Smoothie. If you want to roleplay these topics, please find a different roleplay site to do that on.

Banned subjects/themes in all roleplays:

In general, we don't want to see roleplays about animal abuse and exploitation. There are a few topics in particular where animal cruelty/exploitation seems to be a heavy focus, so these are not allowed:

  • "Puppy Mills" or other roleplays which revolve around forced-mating or other cruel breeding practices
  • "Dog fights" or other roleplays which revolve around forcing animals into situations where they will be injured/killed or forced to kill others
  • "Animal Laboratories"/Animal Testing - including roleplays where animals are living in a laboratory and are regularly experimented on, or roleplays where animals evolve and develop new abilities in the process of the testing.

Your characters may sometimes fight, or mate, or maybe even consume special potions so they can develop special abilities. But when these actions are forced upon them it becomes cruel or exploitative, and is something that many CS players would find upsetting to read about.

You are allowed to make a roleplay which begins after characters escaped from these scenarios, but there should be no details or descriptions about what happened before their escape.

You are allowed to use these themes in a character's history, but you may only mention it without giving details about what exactly happened to them.

Image Posting Rules in the Roleplay Boards

We are introducing some new rules about images in the roleplay boards. These new rules will affect everybody who uses these boards. Please read through and make sure your roleplay topics adhere to these rules in future.

We are introducing stricter rules because we have had many problems with the quantity and appropriateness of images being used in these boards. We hope roleplay topics will be much easier to navigate with these new rules in place.

Appropriate Images
Like the rest of the site, all content should be child-friendly. If you're using images for your roleplays they need to follow these rules:

  • If using drawings: do not steal random art you find online - only use art which was drawn by you or for you unless it is something widely distributed for free fan-use from famous books, movies, or TV shows, such as official images from My Little Pony, Pokemon etc.
  • No images showing excessive blood/gore/horrific injury or animal cruelty

Character Reference sheets

  • You may only post one reference picture per character, unless they are a shape-shifter and then you can add one picture per species/form. If you want to describe different outfits, hair styles or accessories then do that in writing. Do not post secondary images or link to extra images; roleplay is about your writing skills so you should be able to describe your character without heaps of pictures.
  • Please do not make image collages or animations to get around the 1 image per character rule.
  • Your reference picture should be no more than about 600px on the longest side, as large images make browsing difficult. Large animated gif files may be removed if the file size (in mb) is too large.
  • Your reference image should either be something you personally own the rights to use such as a drawing you made, or something which is widely distributed online for fan use such as celebrity/movie images, famous models, or TV characters.
  • You should never use someone's personal art/photography/characters/fursonas taken from websites like deviantart, tumblr, furaffinity, Chicken Smoothie and related image sharing websites unless the artist/photographer said you could use it, or said that it was for anybody to use.

Roleplay Description Pages

  • You should only use 1 image (max) per setting that you wish to describe for your roleplay - for example one picture of the highschool, one picture of the city, one picture of the sports field.
  • Any character references posted on the main post should follow the same rules of only containing one image per character.
  • Any fontmeme images or roleplay descriptions used should be created specifically for the roleplay. Copying text and images from other roleplayers is not acceptable behavior.

FontMeme pictures or other images containing text in roleplays
FontMeme is the name of a website that allows people to make cool headings and subheadings in different fonts
RP Rules *Must Read* K26KtFV
It's fine to use images like these as headings/subheadings for your character reference sheet or for a roleplay description page. However, you should not use these for every roleplay post you make as posting images repeatedly is considered spam.

Repeating Images/Text in Roleplay Posts
You should only need to post your character reference information and image once per roleplay topic. Once you begin roleplaying with that character there is no need to repeatedly post images of your character, or other decorative images and text flare such as poetry and fontmeme images. If you copy the same content into more than one post then it is generally considered "spam" and is not allowed.

Special formatting for reference sheets and roleplay topics, common names and images
We sometimes get reports complaining that someone has stolen their layout or "form". Unfortunately you cannot copyright your particular layout of bb code and font colors. We encourage everyone to design their own roleplay layouts, but there's nothing we can do if someone else's font color, alignment, size and placement of images looks suspiciously similar to the formatting of your own posts. It's quite possible that the same design may have been thought of independently and it's not worth getting upset about it.

We also sometimes get reports about character "theft" if someone else starts using the same reference image that you use, or the same character name. If you own exclusive rights to the image then you should report anyone else who uses it, but if it's just something random you found online then you don't own it and you can't stop anyone else from using it. If your character name is particularly unique then you can report the person who you believe stole it and give us any information to explain why you think they stole it. However, if your character is just named something like John or Taylor then there's nothing unique about that and anyone can use that name.
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RP Rules *Must Read*
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