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Welcome to The Pika Club! A community filled with fun and friendly people. We offer trading, battles, fun filled forum games and we even have an adoption and rescue center
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 Adoption Center Rules

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PostSubject: Adoption Center Rules   Adoption Center Rules Icon_minitimeTue Aug 09, 2016 9:17 pm

These are the rules that must be followed while viewing the Adoption and Rescue Center

What we are about:
Arcanine's Adoption and Rescue Center is here to help others complete their pokedexs and get good pokemon. We look for good homes for often abandoned and unwanted pokemon.

We take unwanted pokemon off your hands then adopt them to other people to give them a good home. The drop off center is always open. If it happens to be closed, please pm me, Arcanine, or the owner, Arceus

1. No begging, sob stories, ect when filling out a adoption form
2. Do not lie on either the drop off or the adopt form
3. When you recieve your adopted pokemon, please say thank you
4. The forms must be filled out completely
5. When the adoption center says Closed, you can not post a form to adopt.

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Adoption Center Rules
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