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Welcome to The Pika Club! A community filled with fun and friendly people. We offer trading, battles, fun filled forum games and we even have an adoption and rescue center
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 Introducing: The Point's System!

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PostSubject: Introducing: The Point's System!   Wed Aug 10, 2016 9:35 pm

Hello everybody, today I am pleased to announce that we have officially opened a brand new points system. These "Pika Points" can be redeemed for a number of things. In this post, I will discuss all the things these points can do as well as how you can earn them.

First, what they can do, what you can buy, and for how much:

GFX License (100PP): If you know how to make banners or signatures, this is the item for you. Purchase this and you can make and sell banners to members and Staff.

Tournament License (150PP): If you're into Friendly or Competitive battling, this item is for you. Purchase this and you can organize your own tournaments for the site and The Pika Club will recognize them as Official Tournaments!

Name Change Request (100PP each time): Don't like your username anymore? Change it!

Pokemon for PP: We have a range of Pokemon that you can buy for Pika Points. We offer Event Pokemon, Shinies, Legendaries, and even Shiny Legendaries for PP! 

Gambled Matches: Feeling Lucky or Confident? Gamble as many of your points as you want in a waged match!

The Lottery (25PP per entry): The Pika Club will be offering a weekly lottery. This lottery always starts off at 100PP. Buy as many entries as you can afford/want. Only the day of the drawing all entry points and the initial balance will be totalled, one name will be randomly selected, winner takes all!

Sprite Shop (Varies): These shops are were you can buy Pokemon Sprites to put in your signature. Each shop has different prices and different things so be sure to check every day for something new

By now you must be wondering how you can earn Pika Points? It's simple, just be active! Each post you make earns you 1 Pika Point. New Topics will earn 3PP. Please be aware spam will not be tolerated.

Finally, once you have obtained a license, you may sell your work for any cost you would like. There is no maximum, we just ask that you be fair and reasonable. Same thing applies to tournaments, change any entry fee you wish, the only rule is 80% of the entry fees must go to the winner.

That's it everybody, The Point's System in its entirety. So good luck everybody, and most importantly, HAVE FUN!

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PostSubject: Re: Introducing: The Point's System!   Wed Aug 10, 2016 11:21 pm

Let us know know what you think about the Pika Points system in the Help/Feedback/Suggestion section. We would love to hear from you soon <3

-Admin Arcanine


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Introducing: The Point's System!
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