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Welcome to The Pika Club! A community filled with fun and friendly people. We offer trading, battles, fun filled forum games and we even have an adoption and rescue center
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 Yum or Yuck V1

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PostSubject: Yum or Yuck V1   Tue Aug 09, 2016 8:46 pm

Welcome to the "Yum or Yuck" Thread!
It is a game where you say yum or yuck depending on the food that person above you said!

• Example •
Member #1: Yuck! Brownies?
Member #2: Yum! Olives?
Member #3: Yuck! Carrots?

• Rules •
~ First and foremost do not remake this thread with out permission.
~ No posting saying "Bookmarking/New thread!/etc" it's spam and is unnecessary.
~ The rules of this thread won't be changed when owners change.
~ These rules apply to everyone, regardless of who you are.
~ Do not double post; just edit your first post.
~ No conversations on the thread.


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Yum or Yuck V1
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